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   Northwest Investigative Services, Inc.

What sets Northwest Investigative Services, Inc., apart from all other investigative firms is experience.  Founder and president Mike Briggs has been in this industry for over forty-eight years!  Mike is flanked by Sandy, their office manager, who has been working for Northwest for over thirty-eight years now.   
Mike is known by hundreds of attorney and adjusters from around the United States for his investigation expertise.  For many years now while Mike is busy investigating accidents and incidents, Sandy spends her day managing our department that locate individuals, develops asset information, obtains reports, performs background checks and for the most part works hand in hand with the legal industry from coast to coast.  Over the years they have opened well over 35,000 files!

Northwest Investigative Services, Inc., is a full time, insured agency that is a charter holder of a Washington Private Investigative Agency License (License Number 1655).  From an office near Tacoma Washington, they are here to assist you with all your investigative needs.

We are not bragging here, we are applying for a job... with your firm.  If you hire us and we don't exceed your expectations, then fire us, it's that simple.

Note:  The goal of Northwest Investigative Services, Inc., is to only work for professionals in the legal industry.  This would include attorneys, adjusters, banking industry, process servers, corporations, municipalities and the like.  Because of privacy and other concerns, we normally will not accept work assignments from private individuals.  As exception, we will consider the possibility if referred by an established client.

            Serving the Legal Community Since 1974 from an Office Near Tacoma, WA